About Furless

Furless is advanced, inclusive, and permanent hair removal for women and men who want to be bare, bold and beautiful.


Furless was founded with a rebellious spirit and a mission to rid people of unwanted hair and make the process of hair removal well informed, seamless, and permanent.

In a world inundated with hyped-up quick-fix solutions from razors to waxes and creams to lasers, we aim to make hair removal accessible to all, regardless of gender, skin type, hair color, and body type.

We are at the forefront of hair removal knowledge and technology, creating clear and personalized roadmaps for people who want to look and feel their best, saving them a lifetime of hassle and pain on conventional methods.

Our Mission

To ensure that furless has an experienced professional and highly trained team working with the state of the art equipment providing permanent hair removal for men and women globally in their journey to become #furless

Our Vision

Furless is the first choice for clients seeking hair removal globally

Our Values


Industry experts working with state-of-the-art equipment, providing the most effective and safest permanent hair removal for both men and women in the GCC.


We are always advancing the industry technologically and skill-wise to ensure that we offer nothing but the state-of-art services to make your Furless journey faster and more efficient.


We pride in our highest hygienic, safety, training and treatment standards available worldwide.


We ensure that everyone who walks in through our doors, whether clients or employees, leaves with more knowledge and a customized approach to their Furless Permanent journey. When you decide to go Furless, we guarantee the best possible outcome.


Our team consists of over 20 leading professionals across multiple specialties within hair and skin, and from 12 countries. Our clients come all over the world with all skin and hair types, pre-conditions, lifestyles and hair removal desires.


We are conscious about the environment and we ensure that we have the most sustainable business approach across our products and day to day operations. Being cruelty-free, waste-free, and recycling and reusing are our priorities.