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Why Furless Permanent?

The only safe and effective form of permanent hair removal for men and women that works on all skin and hair types, and on all body parts.

Furless works when everything else fails!

Furless combines the most advanced equipment with world- class skilled skin and hair removal specialists that perform a customized approach to a safe and effective permanent hair removal treatment for all

Furless Permanent SZR (Dubai)
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Gwénaëlle RGwénaëlle R
09:09 01 Sep 22
I started Furless few months ago, wanted to get rid of unwanted facial hair that were growing thicker and thicker.It is my first time trying electrolysis and i must say that i’m impressed of the results, i have so much less hair, and what i have left grow very fine.I am very happy and considering to do other areas.The staff is very friendly, professional and approachable.I really recommend this place 10 times !!
07:57 27 Aug 22
This is a fine establishment. I have been to many hair removal establishments before only to spend a lot of money and the unwanted hair to be there or worse become thicker. So when I get searched online and saw Furless I was very skeptical. I was wondering if this was one of many such scam / sham setups where they promise you results but it will take time... long enough to drain your account slowly.I was sitting on the fence for more than 1 1/2 years after I got to know about this place (online). Then one fine day I decided... I have wasted so much money for a good result, let me try this as well... if it is a failure ... write it down to experience.Let me tell you honestly, this is the best hair removal process I have seen and experienced. The establishment is nice and very clean. The Staff are courteous and professional. The staff who is looking after me is a gentleman by the name of Roderick.Roderick does a fine job, he is make every minute count. He will look for hairs you might have overlooked 🙂 .He does it fast, he does it efficiently and he is a very cheerful person.You might ask, well isn't it expensive. I would say it is not. We only tend to see from our perspective but keep in mind they have to pay the bills , the rent, the salary and maintain the equipment.To top it all... you really see genuine results.Thick hairs take longer (please be patient) thinner hairs obviously will be gone very soon.It is excellent value for money and will leave you will confidence which is what we want at the end right ?.So be patient, listen to their advice and make an informed decision.My experience has been positive and hence wanted to share this with you.
Lisa WarrenLisa Warren
06:56 01 Jul 22
First time using electrolysis and I have to say it was absolutely amazing. The entire experience with Furless Permanent was seemless. I didn't know what to expect but the staff made me feel totally at ease the minute I walked in the door. They were exceptionally professional and friendly. I have seen great results after my session. Totally recommend them to everyone. Thank you so much Furless Permanent. ?
Ari Da SilvaAri Da Silva
10:51 22 Jun 22
I was stoked to realize there was a such thing as PERMANENT hair removal. Laser Hair Removal is *not* permanent, which I discovered after years of throwing money it, when I fell pregnant and ALLL of my hair grew back and then some.Now that I know there is a truly permanent solution to body hair, I'm not looking to lasers any longer, especially for the face, which is what I gave a shot at because that is what bothers me most. The staff were so accommodating. I had so many questions, which they answered and explained so I could understand the benefits. It's an investment, but a permanent one. I enjoyed my conversations with one of the trainers, we had a laugh and good talk while I went through the process.There were a few misunderstandings in terms of payment and packages, so be sure you ask questions to fully understand. The receptionist was very apologetic and went above and beyond to get me a complimentary session. Overall, great experience-- I felt comfortable, cared about and considered, which in the beauty industry in this country is rare.
nishita shahinishita shahi
11:26 08 Jun 22
I visited Furless Permanent upon a recommendation a few weeks ago and I’m very impressed with the quality of work done. I no longer see the hairs they zapped that usually used to grow back in a few days’ time after I shaved, so safe to say the electrolysis is a success. The staff are excellent and knowledgeable. They put me at ease from the beginning and through the process. My therapist was quick and efficient which I really loved as your therapist can make or break your experience, and my therapist definitely made the experience wonderful. I did experience a bit of pain but the therapist was patient and made sure I was comfortable at every step. This is hands down the best place to become hair-free forever and the aesthetic of the center is top notch. Super Instagrammable too! Plus, they do a complimentary consult which is great. Worth a try if you’re struggling with unwanted hair growth.
Anisha JosephAnisha Joseph
08:53 30 Mar 22
Staff are very accommodative and professional. My results have been good. Looking forward to go completely furless:)
Irina OpreaIrina Oprea
08:27 30 Mar 22
I am a client of Furless for over a year. I can tell you - it works! I’ve done multiple body parts and super happy with the results! I wish I had done this before wasting so much time and money on laser. The therapists are great, the clinic is clean, and the pain is very tolerable. Highly recommend!
Kirsty AndersonKirsty Anderson
08:12 24 Mar 22
Can't recommend Furless enough, the staff were super helpful and welcoming and explained the full proceed. Relaxing clinic and the treatment wasn't as painful as expected. Definitely recommend and will be going back
Lesley Anne SmithLesley Anne Smith
07:01 25 Feb 22
Fantastic treatment from furless beauty institute. I attended as a model for lash lift and brow lamination. Student was very precise and trainer was excellent. Great experience. Very happy with the results.
Anjana KumarAnjana Kumar
11:13 16 Nov 21
Very efficient got a lot done in 15 minutes + gave me a snapshot of what's ahead if I want to tackle larger area ?

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