Why Remove Contacts Before Treatment?

One item listed in our Intake Form may seem weird to some of our clients, yet is actually important to note: Contact lenses.

Since we can’t always know what kinds of contacts each client wears, we always advise them to remove them before any electrolysis treatment, especially in the facial area.

There a different kinds of contact lenses on the market. The ones that may be more harmful to wear during treatment are the hydrogel soft lenses. Soft contacts are made of pliable hydrophilic (water-loving) plastics called hydrogels. These absorb significant amounts of water to keep the lenses soft and supple. So, the water content of the lenses can sometimes range from approximately 38% to 75%. The water is important is allows oxygen to pass through the lenses an keep the cornea healthy during contact lens wear.

However, because of the water content, the lenses become conductors of direct current (Galvanic) like a metal implant. So, if you keep wearing your lenses during treatment you will most likely experience some itching or redness and your contacts and eyes might feel more dry. This is way contact lenses are counter-indicated when doing treatment.

Next time you come to Furless just make sure you let us know if there are any changes to your health. Maybe you just started wearing contacts just recently?

Credit for information on contacts: http://www.allaboutvision.com/

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