Why Aspirin Is Not Advisable Before Treatment.

Aspirin is a go to drug, commonly used as a pain reliever treating mild to moderate pain, migraines or fever. Some clients may think its harmless to take it before treatment to reduce the feeling of discomfort during electrolysis treatment. However, this is not recommended and defeats the purpose of treatment.

Aspirin is an antiplatelet medicine, meaning it can be used as a blood thinner to prevent blood clots. Antiplatelet drugs work by preventing platelets from causing clots. The latter being disc-shaped cell fragments found in large numbers in blood.

The effect is the same as an anticoagulant drug (blood thinner). However, anticoagulant drugs reduce the risk of blood clots forming and traveling to vital organs by preventing coagulation (blood thickening).

Now that we have explained how aspirin works (as a blood thinner), why is it not recommended before treatment?

Simply because, the concept of electrolysis is the coagulation of the blood inside the hair follicle. So, when the current or heat passes through the probe it will cause the coagulation of the blood in the vessels connected to the dermal papilla (Base of the follicle – See Picture 1) thus hindering and finally stopping the hair growth. The current intensity needs to be “just right” to prevent unnecessary damage to the skin.


Picture 1 – Dermal Papilla Connected To Blood Vessels.

If you are looking for a way to reduce the discomfort during treatment we have better options that will definitely not interfere with the treatment’s process. Ask your Furless electrologist about your options.


  • The concept of electrolysis is the coagulation of blood – Thikening of blood.
  • Aspirin works as a blood thinner – Antigoagulant – interfering with the treatment’s process.

Source: Healthlin, Medicinet

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