What to expect on your first consultation

First consultations are always essential. This is why, we at Furless heed your wellbeing and comfort first, as soon as you step into our center. We offer the latest and only permanent hair removal treatment with Electrolysis, and it is the only medically recognized definitive method to remove all your unwanted hair.

Before the main consultation with one of our electrologists, we will make sure you are well informed about Electrolysis and the differences between Electroepilation and the conventional hair removal methods that are used at home or in salons and beauty centers.

To accommodate our ladies, we know the importance of feeling comfortable while communicating with the electrologists; hence we offer the choice between an English and an Arabic speaking electrologist.

For your first consultation we will start by asking you a few questions about your medical history as well as your previous hair removal experiences. You will then discuss treatment options with our electrologist and you may be asked further questions that will help determine the type of treatment that suits you best.

While examining your skin many factors will be taken into account before recommending a treatment: texture, sensitivity, anomalies, moisture etc. These will determine which treatment your skin can undergo, how many sessions are necessary and how long it could take to achieve “furlessness”.

Just keep in mind that it is important to inform us of any previous or current conditions, any medications you may be taking, and any changes you might go through between sessions, to ensure the success of the treatment.

Book your first consulation now with us online. We hope to see you soon at Furless.

We are located in the DNIC Building (Google knows it!), first floor, #116. We are right after the Dubai Mall metro station, Mazaya Center/beach side. There is a RAK bank in the main entrance.

Call: +971 52 961 8480, Email: info@furless-me.comwww.furless-me.com


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