Unwanted Hair On A Mole. What To Do?

  • What is a mole?

Moles are very common abnormalities on the skin that appear any time between childhood and early adulthood. They vary in shape and size and are often a little bit darker in color than the skin around it. To some people they are a sign of beauty, to others they are just an oddity. But, what causes them in the first place and why do they grow hair?

Moles develop when cells in the skin grow into a cluster instead of spreading out evenly throughout the skin and may darken when exposed to the sun. Be that as it may, moles don’t actually grow hair. Hair grows from the skin under and through them and can be removed temporarily or permanently.

Usually, these little dark spots are benign. However, if you are thinking of undergoing any kind of treatment that might affect it directly, it would be wise to seek a medical opinion beforehand, especially since moles can be unpredictable and dubious sometimes. In rare cases, depending on the type of mole, it might be a first sign of skin cancer.

Conventional methods such as tweezing or shaving can be used to remove annoying hair growing on a mole. However, these are knowingly temporary and the hair will eventually grow back.

Electrolysis is generally a safe and simple permanent method to remove hair on healthy moles. Laser in comparison is advised against to use on moles, as it may burn your skin. Note that, any treatment may affect your mole from the inside or out. The question is, how and will it cause you any harm? This is why, as a safety measure, our electrologists will always ask you to see a dermatologist or a doctor first to confirm the type of mole you have and that it’s not a cancerous kind. No reputable electrologist will work on a mole otherwise. So before starting treatment, make sure you ask all the questions you need answers to and discuss your options with our senior electrologist.

NB: When it comes to hair removal and skin conditions, information is key and will help you make better decisions. We hope to give you all the facts you need to know more and know how to proceed.

Also, if you notice any unusual changes in your mole you should see a dermatologist.

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