What people are saying

Many clients come through the door everyday and we have the privilege of seeing and hearing their happy stories. Here is a few snippets of what we hear everyday.

So let’s talk about the pain … it is such an effective treatment for hair removal, but honestly I was worried about whether I could cope with how it would feel. The first session was ‘getting used to it’, and the most painful. The therapist was very helpful and considerate though, applying ice throughout the session to help numb the area (I had also taken a painkiller beforehand which helped). It feels like a quick, sharp pinch, and depending where on your body you have the treatment the intensity of the pinch is different – feet … ouch, eyebrows … no problem. After the second session it was so much easier – I knew what to expect and there was less hair to remove! I have had 5 sessions now, and no ice needed … very happy with the results! AND – I had the most relaxing facial after my treatment, highly recommend!

—— Sarah Clohessy

ex Marketing Director, EM at Pandora

It was my dermatologist who recommended Furless and I’m so glad she did. I no longer have to leave the house with tweezers!! The customer service has been fab, the therapists are just lovely, and I never felt self conscious at any point. And to answer everyone’s question – it’s just a little zap. Not painful at all!


—— Helen Farmer

Senior Presenter - Dubai Eye at Arabian Radio Network

Furless is the only form of hair removal that tried that offers a permanent solution.

Not only was I pleased by the results but the staff were friendly, efficient and professional!



—— Ivana Bruic

Storm Cycling’s Co-Founder

“I cannot recommend and thank furless enough for showing me how much electrolysis has moved on since I trained as a therapist.

The knowledge of the team is amazing and this has been reflected in my treatment.

Thank you for giving me back my confidence.”

—— Vicki Ashlin

MUA & founder the big beauty scoop

Furless is the ONE! staff is super professional, they explain you everything. Convenient location. Almost getting to the end of my treatment, and I can’t believe the results. I’ve been suffering for years coz no laser will take my blonde and thin hair. Spend lot of money in face laser since the age of 15. Just 15 years later I can tell I SEE the difference. Good things take a bit more of time, but It is really worth it every session.

—— Mayra Cortesi

Got my first session as a prize 30min free. Loved the session and decided to pay the package to get rid of my facial hair. Love their services, quick response, and attentiveness. I changed the appointment a few times and received very good support. I requested one therapist that would make me feel comfortable and relaxed. That is how I got an amazing Tizu. She is patient and understanding. She took the time to get to know me, answers all my questions and for making me laugh. When you’re in pain and your hair if being electrocuted Tizu is there to ease the discomfort. I appreciate all the efforts she and her lovely team have put in to making me feel like a woman. Thank you all for being so amazing.

—— Ankica Tomic

My first experience was three months ago. I was afraid that I would get no results like laser. After only two sessions I saw a big reduction and this is why I decided to continue. The staff is amazing and like family. I feel comfortable and everyone is so friendly. The method is a little painful but it is bearable and it ends soon. I read the review that they are painful and there is redness. My skin is very sensitive but I only experienced a little redness that goes away after a few minutes. You need to use the recommend post care cream.

—— Fafi Alsafi

It is one of the top customer friendly, Hospitality maintained, skin hair removal center in dubai. The staff are well co-operated, with all customers by arranging, flexible treatment time, and providing wonderful treatment. Adding that they are explaining the treatment and follow up procedure to all customers. Hence I strongly recommend, fureless center, to all my friends and relatives. Once again from my experience, I appreciate the entire team, for providing such a wonderful hospitality environment.

—— Gisa Mary

I did extensive research and after multiple recommendations from friends who have been thrilled with the results at Furless, I decided to book my appointment. 4 months later, I can honestly say this was the best investments in time and money for body treatments possible. I’ll never have to tweeze unwanted hair again, this was a game changer. Roderick is a master practitioner and knows exactly how to treat depending on skin type, he’s a real artist. 5 star, highly recommended. Don’t bother going anywhere else.

—— Dave Catudal

I have done several treatments and there is visibly a reduction in hair. I am excited to see more progress in the near future. The service is amazing. I have had sessions with three different technicians and they were all great. Definitely worth the time and money.

—— Sam Mie

“Wonderful & unique experience at Furless, I got 2 things: permanent hair removal while being pampered as if I was in a spa! the staff is kind, the setting is peaceful and they really know what they’re doing! they went the extra mile to explain how everything works & what makes sense for me. My skin is very irritable usually & all other methods I tried really aggravated it for days. this just worked & within half an hour my skin was back to normal! Highly highly recommended!”

—— RB

“Thanks to Furless my eyebrows are perfect forever n ever! Definitely more effective than any type of laser! Excellent service (they speak English, Spanish n Italian), location (in the belly button of Dubai Mall metro station), latest European equipment, user friendly payment ways, fast booking service … and the list goes on and on.

What else I can say: I’m a happy Furless costumer.”

—— Carla Sarabia De Poncin

“I extremely recommend Furless to all the ladies who are having unwanted hair problem it is a permanent treatment and I’m loving it.

They also have wonderful staff who are very helpful they explain in details the whole process of how does electrolysis work and they provide good service”

—— Mirna Al Sayegh

“Tried electroflux with them. Really satisfied with the treatment. No pain or irritation of the skin during treatment nor after. I had tried laser earlier, but it could remove only black hair but not the white ones. This treatment is able to remove even white hairs, which will save me a lot of time and money of visiting the beauty parlour every week.”

—— Vimala Daniel