Removing Grey Hair With Electrolysis, The Best Way To Go!

Let’s face it! We all eventually get grey hair at some point in our lives, some even sooner than others. The solution for some people is to color it, if it is on invisible areas or head, or to pull it out every time they see it grow back. Some just accept it as a fact and live with it.

But what can you do when you see it grow on your skin and body? How does one remove grey hair efficiently and effectively then?

Hair removal for grey or any light hair has to be done carefully. Removing it permanently is another question. We all know that laser has been chosen by so many to remove their unwanted hair “permanently”. However, laser is a method by which pigment is destroyed. Thus, it works better on dark hair and white skin, not so much on light hair colors. Applying laser light on light hair won’t facilitate its absorption to the hair follicle, and the treatment won’t be more effective by applying the laser for longer either. It will more likely cause damage to the patient’s skin.

Of course you can get rid of your light / grey hair with any other conventional hair removal method but when we talk about grey and white hair, we also talk about thinner or more mature skin. The thinner your skin the more fragile and sensitive it is. Waxing and epilation might in that sense be more harmful in this case. Also, epilation as well as waxing, aren’t for everyone as these methods are similar to plucking, thus pulling a lot of hair out at once. This is a painful process for everyone, and may cause injuries!

Electrolysis is your one-way solution for a more permanent and efficient method to remove grey / white hair. It is the only FDA approved hair removal method, medically recognized to be PERMANENT. Different from laser, it uses a tiny probe that kills the cells from inside the hair follicle by emitting heat. One concern people usually have with electrolysis is that it is a costly way of hair removal. When compared to the amount of time and money put into all the other hair removal methods, it is definitely worthwhile.

Electrolysis is usually conducted by a skilled technician and is a very precise work. At Furless, we have the latest and fastest technology to work more efficiently and guarantee permanent results for all types of hair – even grey, white and other light hair! Our Apilus xCell Pro machine from Dectro is the most advanced electrolysis machine worldwide and allows for the least painful treatments. It uses all types of electrolysis and thermolysis and enables us to offer our ladies a facial treatment after each session.

Grey and white hair is a natural part of life and can be either hereditary or a sign of aging. You shouldn’t be insecure about it! But you can remove it effectively and permanently, especially when it is on very visible areas of your body or face. So, what are you waiting for?

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