Home Electrolysis Devices: Do They Really Work?

We all love being pampered and taken care off. Especially when it comes to beauty and wellness. Just like for waxing and tweezing, we all prefer going to a salon that does it all for us. But we often find we don’t always have time for it, or travel too much to keep up with the appointments. So, we end up going back to our razors, waxing stripes or tweezers meanwhile. Due to its recent increased popularity, there even are laser machines for home use nowadays that promise the same results. But, what about electrolysis?Surprisingly, there currently are two known types of home electrolysis devices on the market. The first mimics machines for professional use, but on a less powerful level. The second one is marketed as an electrolysis home use device, called “Transdermal Electrolysis” and is supposed to work differently.

Home Use Replica

This electrolysis home-use solution kit comes in a compact format with all the needed tools for the self treatment (probes, tweezers, conductivity gel, battery) and is supposed to work like its professional counterparts. However, some of its features may raise some question. Why a conductivity gel? And how safe and efficient is it really?

The gel supposedly helps conduct the current to the hair follicle to destroy it, since the intensity level used is way lower than professional machines for “safety” reasons. What does that say about its “efficiency” though? The devise is also equipped with a “safety spring” to prevent you from inserting the probe too deeply into your skin and damage it. But, will you be able to insert it in the right place and apply the current directly to the follicle?

Regardless of these said “safety features”, there are still too many risks and uncertainties about these home devices.

Also, let’s face it, the idea of inserting a hair-width sized needle into a tiny hole on your skin does not sound like a task you want to do every now and then to remove hair. Considering the number of hair on each area you want to treat and the fact that not all these areas are easy to see, reach or work on. This is difficult to do if you haven’t actually been trained in the process. And if not done professionally and inserted correctly, it will possibly cause permanent skin damage and scarring. Additionally, there is no guarantee that these machines will live up to the expectations of providing permanent hair removal.


Transdermal Electrolysis

This “home electrolysis” device is marketed as an electrolysis machine, yet is non-invasive and claims to provide permanent results through an electric current applied on the skin to destroy the hair follicle. Wait! Are we talking laser or electrolysis now? Sounds a little like a scam, doesn’t it?

Truth is, there is no scientific data or study proving the efficiency of this product or guaranteeing the electrical current even makes it into the hair follicle to destroy it. The physics presented in faulty ads don’t make sense. Even worse, they make it sound like an current conducting laser device.


False advertisement is everywhere and is easy to fall for due to wishful thinking. We all want easy fast and cheap results. Reality is, good things take time and dedication, nothing great is ever achieved overnight. These machines might be tempting to buy, but they are nothing more than a waste of money and hope. None of these home use electrolysis machines are approved by the FDA!

If your aim is to get permanent efficient results, then your only option is to spend your time and money on a professional invasive electrolysis treatment that has been proven to work for over a century. Unless, you are looking for some form of hair reduction such as laser hair removal.

The American Electrology Association sets a very high standard of practice that all electrologists must follow with each patient. Furless electrologists respect these standards and are well trained to conduct a fast, efficient and clean treatment with the newest and most advanced technology on your market.

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