High Sterilization Standards

On very rare occasions, we were asked about our probes, our sanitation standards and even if individual probes could be brought in by the client herself for the electrolysis treatment.

First, Furless has very high sterilization standards. Our priority is to keep a clean and professional environment to make sure all treatments are completed safely.

We follow strict sanitation standards as imposed by the local public health and safety authority as well as the FDA imposed sterilization standards and remind our technicians and all our staff members about the importance of a clean work place for every treatment.

All our probes are pre-sterilized disposable electrolysis needles, packaged individually and only unpacked when starting treatment with a client. They are used once only after which they are disposed of in a separate container. Under no circumstances, can probes be used more than once on the same client, even if sterilized beforehand! This is prohibited and can cause serious long term infections.

In between treatments, all our tools are sterilized in different steps. First, any items that cannot be sterilized or surfaces touched during treatment are disinfected (e.g. kidney bowls and lamps etc.) with a purpose made chemical solution. All other tools are then sterilized in our Autoclave machine – highest recommended on the market – after which they are stored in our ultra violet cabinet or sealed in a pouch ready for use.

This is a daily check routine, all our staff is involved in to keep our center clean and our clients safe. We care about our client’s health and wellbeing and do our best to deliver a great experience during and after treatment.

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