Help Your Hormonal Conditions

Have you ever heard of the term hirsutism?  Hirsutism is an abnormal growth of hair on a person’s face and body, especially on a woman. The hair is dark and coarse and usually appears where men typically grow hair, on the chest, face, and back as a result of excess testosterone.

Help Your Hormones

If you’re a woman and have excess dark hair growing on the face, back and chest, you may have hirsutism. But the condition can also be caused by a hormonal imbalance called polycystic ovary syndrome or it may be related to ethnicity. Women who come from a Mediterranean, South Asian or Middle Eastern heritage are more likely to have hirsutism.

Electrolysis is an effective treatment for this condition, since it reaches the root and gland of every hair, is the method that will help you achieve the best results possible versus other methods that may only cause some minimum reduction.

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