Health Conditions We NEED To Know About: Implants

We cannot stress enough how important the first consultation is. Whether you are a first time electrolysis client or have done it before, we still need to go through this assessment. We need to have a complete, accurate and current record of your health history before starting treatment. This is a safety measure for you and for us.

Metallic Objects and Implants

We always recommend that our clients remove any type of jewelry they have on their body before starting treatment. Metallic objects are conductors of heat and current. So, any current or heat coming from the probe will be felt around the area with any metallic object and cause discomfort.

Metallic Implants can’t be removed but need to be mentioned nonetheless. These may include Pacemakers, Pins, Plates or IUD’s. Depending on the implant, this will be decisive when choosing what type of electrolysis to use or IF you can undergo electrolysis treatment in the first place (e.g. using galvanic current may cause a lot of discomfort in some cases. Thermolysis may be recommended instead)

  • Clients with a Pacemaker are in a more delicate state. Electrolysis may do them more harm than good.
  • Note that there are different kinds of IUD’s. It is important for us to know what kind you have as this will also be a determining element. An IUD can potentially be harmful to your reproductive organs if you choose to do electrolysis without consulting with a doctor first.

In any case we may ask you for a physician’s approval on any of the above mentioned cases. At Furless, we care about your safety first and take this responsibility at heart. We urge you to read carefully through our Intake Form when coming for a consultation. This will help us choose the best option for you.

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