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How does electrolysis work?

Furless electrolysis involves inserting a fine probe into the hair follicle, followed by the application of a low-level electrical current to end the hair root. This process prevents future hair growth in the treated follicle. Over multiple sessions, electrolysis can effectively eliminate unwanted hair permanently.


How many sessions do you need?

The number of appointments varies from one person to another according to the hair amount and skin type as well. But on average, it needs 18 months to fully treat any body part. So, we offer you your FREE consultation and assessment. In the assessment, a therapist will sit with you to assess your skin type and hair amount. Based on that, the therapist will give you an estimated plan with the number of appointments needed every month and duration of every appointment.


How much does it cost?

The average person spends from AED 30,000 – 100,000+ and 1728 hours on temporary hair removal methods in their lifetime, without ever addressing the issue? We charge per time not per body part as the hair amount differs from person to another. Each 15 min costs 150 AED, our experienced therapist will assist you in your free assessment in choosing the best package that suits your budget and your electrolysis journey.

Is it painful?

The sensation really varies from one person to another depending on your skin sensitivity, and it is not actual pain. It is just a feeling of discomfort. Some people might have that feeling of discomfort and some other people might not feel anything at all.

If you felt its unbearable, feel free to ask the therapist for an ice patch to numb the area.

Is it safe?

Of course! Electrolysis is approved by the FDA as the only permanent hair removal method and to be done on all body parts even the face the private areas. So, its 100% safe

What are the side effects?

These are some of the possible side effects of the electrolysis procedure:

  •   DISCOMFORT– Some discomfort may be experienced during electrolysis treatment. This varies from person to person. We recommend starting with a pay as you go option to try the sensation before committing to a non-refundable package.
  •   WOUND HEALING– Electrolysis procedures can result in swelling, itching, crusting, or temporary acne in the treated areas, which may require some time to heal. Once the surface has healed, it may be pink or sensitive to the sun, or may take longer in some people.
  •   BRUISING/SWELLING/INFECTION– With electrolysis, bruising of the treated area may occur. Additionally, there may be some swelling noted. Finally, skin infections such as ingrown hairs are a possibility whenever a skin procedure is performed, although these are rare.
  •   PIGMENT CHANGES (Skin Color)- During the healing process, there is a slight possibility that the treated area can become either lighter or darker in color compared to the surrounding skin. This is usually temporary, but, on a rare occasion, it may be permanent.
  •   SCARRING– Scarring is a rare occurrence if the skin is prepared for treatment and there is no overtreatment of the skin, but it is a possibility when the skin’s surface is disrupted.

To minimize the chances of unwanted side effects, it is IMPORTANT that you follow all pre and post-treatment instructions carefully.

Hear from our happy clients

I am so happy and i can see changes and lessening of hair in my eyebrows i have so much hair in my eyebrows since teenager and i wish that it was hair free . I have done laser but it did not help, i found electrolysis hair removal. Absolutely its one of the best, i  am so happy that i can see lessening of hair. The staff and manager are so friendly. I have met Ma'am Anita who assisted me all the way and I recommend Bincy, she is so good and well verse on electrolysis procedure and i will be doing with her until my eyebrow will be hair free. Thank you furless and i am loving the process❣️

- Edith F

Great Experiance with impressive results, very dedicated and focused therapists, Rodrek is one of the best certified therapists by the DHA and i had all my sessions with him, never expected the results of the electrolysis to be that magnificent, got rid of grey hair patches which was annoying me since long time.

Many thanks for the full team, Rodrek, the amazing staff at the receiption and the FURLESS founder who is a very nice & friendly person.

I do strongly recommend that place if you are looking for a real apparent results.

- Dr.Ahmed Goma

I've been going to Furless for over a year now and I love the results!! Honestly best place to go for hair removal. At first I was a bit hesitant but you need to be patient and you will love the results and you will forever be hairless!! I started with one body part and now doing more. Not only do i love the results but the people there are super friendly. I have been having my treatments with Shyni and she is the best, she really listens and gives me the best results! Recommend Furless 1000%!

- Clair De Valk