Furless Featured In VELVET Magazine!

Furless has yet again achieved another great milestone since its grand launch at the beginning of this year. With our newest magazine feature in October’s issue of one of UAE’s most coveted fashion, beauty and lifestyle magazines. Along other topics, this article will be touching upon our center’s services, development and future plans (Furless-Gents).

We have made great progress since we launched our permanent hair removal center in Dubai and have seen great support from our ladies and many influencers, who came to Dare the Furless Experience! We also have been very lucky to meet and welcome some of the most inspiring ladies and key personalities in the UAE.

It has been a very humbling experience so far and we continue to thrive to share as many facts as possible about electrolysis permanent hair removal, so that ladies, and soon gents, know more about their options before investing time and money on a treatment.

Be sure to grab your copy of Velvet Magazine’s October 2017 issue or read about us on http://velvet-mag.com/dare-go-furless/

Furless is located centrally on Sheikh Zayed Road between City Walk and the Dubai Mall. FURLESS Electrolysis is the only recognized PERMANENT and DEFINITIVE method for hair removal and promises the best results with the fastest and newest machines on the market. We provide all types of Electrolysis and Thermolysis effective and safe for all hair and skin types. Our electrologists are trained by Canadian and European experts and our standards are the highest helping you accomplish any unwanted hair goals as quickly as possible.

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