FAQ: Why hasn’t my electrolysis treatment worked?

In our decades of being permanent hair specialist, we have seen that treatments are not as successful when one or more of the following is not followed as recommended:

      1)   full cleanings (treatment of ALL hairs present) are not treated in every visit for the same body part. Incomplete cleanings (when hairs were left untreated) will delay the overall timeline of treatment. Even if you are treating a large body part, either break it down in parts and stick to treating that section of the part until the process is completed, or book multiple visits within a week to complete the treatment of all hairs from that body part every 15 days.

      2) Irregular visits. Even if you do full cleanings (treatment of all hairs present in the area) every time, you must visit every 15 days for the duration of the treatment, which is for around 18+ months. If not, expect the treatment to go beyond the average timeline.

      3) Stopping treatment before the 18+ month timeline. Eighteen months may seem a lot in the short-term, but it is only a small timeframe compared to time and money wasted in a lifetime with temporary or reduction methods. The Furless Treatment is the most effective, fastest, and kindest to your skin method of electrolysis permanent hair removal. Invest in yourself, invest in the best, and become forever hairless for life. Dare to go Furless. Permanent.