FAQ: How much does electrolysis cost?

Did you know that the average person spends from AED 30,000 – 100,000+ and 8 weeks of on temporary hair removal methods in their lifetime, without ever addressing the issue? Furless Permanent is an investment on your time and budget as unwanted hair will be removed forever after the eighteen plus months of consistent treatment and it is a fraction of the time and money wasted on other solutions.

Furless Permanent is not priced per body part or per session, but according to the amount of hair to treat and how long it takes to treat and remove it all -also call “cleanings”. As every person has a vast different amount of hairs and needs a different amount of time to treat and remove all hairs present, an assessment in person is needed to anticipate approximate individual costs and payment plans -also known as “promotions” or simply put, bundles of hours. When one person has 15-minutes’ worth of hairs on the chin, another has 60-minutes. Similarly, one may need 30-minutes for one underarm, and another 3 hours.

At Furless, there is one price:

  • AED 150 for every 15-minutes of booking, per therapist

The more time you buy upfront, the cheaper it becomes per hour! Promotional bundles are seasonal and they can be purchase at any of our centers when available. Follow us on social media for announcements on promotions and from time to time, contests: @furlesspermanent (Instagram).