FAQ: How Many Electrolysis Treatments Will I Need?

Complete destruction of all hair cycles from any one treatment is unlikely, and you will require several CONSECUTIVE treatments to obtain a significant, long-term removal of hair growth. The total number of sessions needed to remove hair permanently from a particular area will vary from person to person; however, on average, most require the following treatment plan:

  • What: Full treatment of ALL hairs present on the areas targeted – in electrolysis, this is called “cleanings”, not sessions
  • How often: Every fifteen days or as soon as new hairs come out
  • For how long: around eighteen plus months, or more if regular visits are not possible. NOTE: a longer timeline may be expected if: you have done laser and/or have any hormonal or hereditary pre-conditions

Scheduling an initial consultation and working closely with any of our specialists will streamline and make the process more effective and efficient for your specific situation.

Each treatment lasts between 15 minutes to a few hours -this is determined after a FREE consultation and assessment. You can book several hours in one day, more than one therapist at a time (if the body parts permit it), or break down the required cleaning time in shorter visits. Pre-payment is required to book for more than 1 hour.

Committing to our suggested treatment plan means achieving the best results in the shortest time possible and if you do not come at the suggested times treatment timeline could be extended.

No one can predict how much time a total treatment will take. We can, however, share an estimate based on the global industry during the assessment after evaluating your hair and skin. The treatment plan and the figures shared during the assessment constitute an approximate evaluation and not a formal commitment.

Electrolysis cannot worsen your hair situation. Electro epilation has more than 140 years of medical evaluation, and no recorded proof it creates thicker hair or faster re-growth. If you see thicker hair and faster re-growth, it could be due to new medical conditions and/or medicine you may be taking.

Hormonal disorders are common and if not treated, electrolysis may not be effective (this depends on the severity of the imbalance). However, if the condition is treated as per your doctor’s recommendations, you shall see a reduction, more than with any other treatment available, although in longer than the presented estimates. It is not possible to estimate how long you will need to see the effects as every situation is unique.

There is a small percentage of the population that sees little to no results with electrolysis, or that it may require several additional treatments more than the average individual.