ELECTROEPILATION: How Many Hours Of Treatment Are Necessary?

This is a question that gets asked time and time again, but to which it is very hard to give a precise answer. Indeed, we do not claim to have the ability to determine in advance the duration of a complete electroepilation treatment for every client and every region; the evaluation is always approximate, because many factors directly influence treatment planification.

Factors to evaluate

The electrologist has to consider many elements in order to be able to estimate the total duration of a treatment:

  • work technique, modalities and parameters used
  • device and probe used
  • hormones
  • medication
  • hair density and region
  • time between treatments and client assiduity

Moreover, the duration of each electroepilation session is conditioned by the period during which it is performed, whether it is cleansing, control or maintenance, and by the following factors:

  • size of the area to treat
  • skin sensitivity
  • client tolerance level
  • availability of the client

Approximate time

The below table shows the results of a study conducted in 2001 (16 year ago!) with significantly older technologies (i.e.: most of the machines you see in the UAE, or older), indicating what beauty  institutes using the 13.56 MHz Apilus technology reported as the approximate time required for epilation treatments to permanently eliminate hair from different areas of the body. This approximation is based on an average region and hair density, but it varies from female to female significantly, as nature intended. With a 27 MHz device, which is what Furless uses, (twice as fast and effective), we can expect faster results, meaning less treatment time (and way less money spent!) on various fronts:

1) each session is less (a two-hour session is only one hour now)

2) total amount of hours needed is much less, cutting it in half this chart below or less

3) you finish the treatment much more quickly than before (ie: in 3-6 months you shall be done with 80-90% of your hair if no hormonal imbalance is present, and the remaining 10-20% in the next 6-9 months, depending on the area – thicker hairs/areas like underarm and bikini finish much faster than thinner ones like upper lip. This is because the latest machine permanently removes hair cycles in one session, some needing two. So you won’t have to come back to remove a hair in their second cycle (approx. 8-12 week after it was removed)… it will mostly be just gone for good in the first sitting! Isn’t that lovely. So voila, what you should expect with an older electrolysis machine:

Eyebrows 6 ½  hours 1 – 1½  year
Upper Lip 5 hours 1 – 1½  year
Underarms 24 hours 1 – 1½  year
Groin (bikini line only) 27 hours 1½ – 2 years
½ legs 60 hours 1½ – 2 years

It is important to remember that the total treatment time can drastically vary according to the factors listed above. It is up to the electrologist to adapt and customise her planning to each client to ensure the best results, whereas the client, for her part, has to respect her electrologist’s recommendations (i.e.: when to come, so you don’t miss out the window of active hair) and respect the treatment plan.

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adapted from its original source from Dectro International

Credit For the original article to: Dectro international – http://blog.dectro.ca/

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