Do’s and Don’ts, Before and After Electrolysis

At Furless we offer the latest and only permanent hair removal treatment. Electrolysis is the only medically recognized definitive method of removing unwanted hair, unlike laser, which only reduces hair growth and causes it to grow back eventually.

In order to achieve the best results and go through clean treatments we need you to follow the following instructions and take care of your skin as much as possible. This won’t just benefit you in the long run, it also makes for a textbook treatment and good results. For the most part, we are not giving you any other advice health experts haven’t already given you before us.


  • Stay hydrated! Drink at least 2 to 3 liters a day.
  • Moisturize! Moisturized skin is easier to treat!
  • Avoid stress triggers. Come earlier, relax while waiting!
  • Try to avoid booking on busier days. This could be a stress factor.
  • Sensitivity is higher during your period. Book before/after.
  • Minimize sugar or caffeine. It might increase your sensitivity.
  • Avoid chemical peels for 10 days at least.

After: only for the next 24h to 72h

  • Avoid sun exposure for 24h. Otherwise, apply alcohol-free sunscreen.
  • Avoid using alcohol based products or deodorant on treated parts.
  • Don’t use other hair removal methods inbetween sessions.
  • Avoid hot baths, saunas or heavy workouts that make you sweat more than usual as it could cause infections.
  • Also cotton wear is recommended as it doesn’t encourage heavy sweating.
  • Avoid going to the pool or beach for 72h.

Just remember to take care of your skin and yourself first. This will help us get rid of your unwanted hair.

We are located in the DNIC Building (Google knows it!), first floor, #116. We are right after the Dubai Mall metro station, Mazaya Center/beach side. There is a RAK bank in the main entrance.

Call: +971 52 961 8480


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