Don't Miss Your Window!

Repeat treatments are the only answer to effective results!

Many of our clients, who come in as frequently as recommended are happy with the results and could see changes very early when they started treatment.

For any Electrolysis treatment to be successful, treatment windows need to be held. We always have an average estimate of when client’s need to come in but generally ask we ask them to try and book their next appointment when they see hair growing back so that we can remove that cycle and each cycle after it. Our main objective is to get to the Anagen phase to remove it once and for all! The span between treatment may vary from one client to the other and will eventually expand with time.

In general, if we don’t see a lot of progress from the treatment and if there is no change in hair growth, we check if the treatments are as regular and frequent as need be or as recommended from the start. Alternatively, Lack of progress in treatment might also be due to missing information about your health or recent changes in medication etc.

Note that, any changes in your hormone levels, caused by medication, medical treatment or such, might bring dormant follicles to life (See Article). This is why sometimes you might notice new unusual hair growth on your body or face. After all, our bodies are unpredictable and more complex than we think.

Just keep in mind that, our treatment frequency recommendation is always tailored to your specific situation. So in order for your treatment to be successful and for you to see faster results, try to come in on recommended times, especially in the beginning.

  • Examples of hair conditions causing new hair growth (some of which have been discussed in previous blog post):

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