Hair Removal Knowledge Center: Care Tips

Learn everything you need to know about getting rid of unwanted hair to achieve smooth, healthy skin.

Why Aspirin Is Not Advisable Before Treatment.

Aspirin is a go to drug, commonly used as a pain reliever treating mild to moderate pain, migraines…

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Don't Miss Your Window!

Repeat treatments are the only answer to effective results! Many of our clients, who come in as frequently…

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SIDE EFFECTS: Results are Permanent.

The main side effect of electrolysis, which we are very happy to share first, is that it’s permanent!…

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Why Remove Contacts Before Treatment?

One item listed in our Intake Form may seem weird to some of our clients, yet is actually…

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Do’s and Don’ts, Before and After Electrolysis

At Furless we offer the latest and only permanent hair removal treatment. Electrolysis is the only medically recognized…

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