Education Manager


Position reports to : Operations Manager
Positions supervised : 1 – 10

  • Trainers


Responsible for planning, organization, and management of the educational approach and strategies. Responsible for planning and deciding the resource and development of the entire curriculum. To ensure the rules and policies of the company are strictly adhered to. Maintain an effective line of communication with the trainers and students to understand their requirements.



  • Assist in establishing the academy.
  • Ensure the entire academy is compliant with UAE regulations.
  • Creating training manuals.
  • Improve training manuals on an ongoing basis.
  • Creating SOPs.
  • Create a train-the-trainer course.
  • Guide and assist trainers in delivering training.
  • Ensuring the high-quality curriculum and assessment delivery of the academy’s programmes and courses, in line with relevant standards and regulations.
  • Create, monitor and mentor a high-quality trainer roster.
  • Develop and implement innovative teaching and learning practices.
  • Accountable for assessment processes and data entry.
  • Conduct final assessments with each student finishing the training programme.
  • Undertake lesson observations, identify training needs and lead staff training.
  • Understand the critical importance of achieving excellent, measurable, quality results in the education of all our students.
  • Be knowledgeable about the educational standards and regulations.
  • Guide the management team in undertaking research proposals for understanding the essential organization requirements.
  • Interact with the trainers to get a better understanding of their teaching procedures, how much progress the students are making, and the changes that need to be made in order to help them progress further.
  • Staff recruitment and make them aware of the regulations and policies followed in the organization.
  • Conduct trade tests.
  • Evaluating trainers’ performances.
  • Preparing trainers schedules.
  • Preparing and monitoring budgets for the academy.
  • Ensure the academy maintains Health & Safety standards at all times.
  • Ensure trainers and students are aware of and follow SOPs for sterilization and sanitization.
  • Ensure you read the Standard Operations Manual, have a thorough understanding of and adhere to centre rules and regulations.


  • Follow product purchasing process and ensure bookkeeping and updating of inventory at all times.
  • Plan and coordinate with the academy vendors’ stock deliveries and payment/invoicing procedures.
  • Monitor inventory levels to ensure adequate supplies are available across the academy.
  • Ensure stock is kept intact in the academy software with lowest discrepancy possible.


  • Ensure companies assets are protected at all times.
  • Ensure that all faulty damaged items are written off properly.
  • Ensure that usage of consumable items is well controlled.


  • Ensure housekeeping standards are maintained at the highest level.
  • Arrange for the repair of any damages.
  • Make sure the academy is clean, presentable and all lights are working.
  • Repair or replace any damaged equipment.
  • Ensure that the academy satisfies health, safety and welfare requirements for ventilation, temperature, lighting, sanitary, washing and rest facilities.


  • Work closely with suppliers to ensure the stock delivery frequency is correct.
  • Follow-up with supplier to resolve discrepancies, if any.
  • Source new equipment/products.

HR / L&D/Legal

  • Recruit, train, manage and evaluate trainers to ensure that staffing level and performance meet academy needs.
  • Conduct timely performance evaluations and salary reviews for all team members.
  • Identifying training needs to improve team performance.
  • Promote and maintain high standards of technical quality in the academy.
  • Ensure all trainers are adequately trained on products and technical techniques.
  • Ensure that the grooming and appearance standards of all trainers and students are maintained at all times.
  • To actively work together with our legal team, to ensure that all legal requirements are met.
  • To have a full understanding of all legal requirements for both academy operations and labor law.


  • Review current practices and ensure savings are made where applicable.
  • Drive initiatives and make recommendations for cost cutting.
  • Review academy Petty Cash Claims and challenge expenses.


  • Knowledge about curriculum development
  • Expertise in people management
  • Good analytical and problem-solving skills
  • Good leadership and organisational skills
  • Passionate about education and developing others
  • Ability to maintain effective communication and presentation
  • Innovation and motivation skills
  • Ability to be thorough and effective
  • Expertise in time management
  • Ability to supervise people
  • Empathetic


  • Graduation rate
  • Student attendance rate
  • Staff turnover


  • At least 10 years’ experience in education, operations and management.
  • Effective leadership skills and experience in staff management, training and development.


  • Developing others
  • Drive for results
  • People development focused
  • Problem solving
  • Priority setting & time management