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Learn everything you need to know about getting rid of unwanted hair to achieve smooth, healthy skin.

Thyroid, Diabetes and Epilepsy Cases

Unwanted hair is often a warning sign to some health issues you may have. An example of medical conditions that can cause unusual or unwanted hair growth can be PCOS, hormonal imbalance or thyroid amongst others. When and if we suspect a client to have any of these issues, we refer them to a physician to have their condition checked first. Thyroid: A thyroid disorder, whether underactive (dormant) or overactive may stimulate hair growth and cause dry, coarse hair appearance. If you have a…

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Unwanted Hair Affects Your Confidence Too!

Have you had one of those dreams, where you wake up in the morning, leave for work, and…

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Laser vs. Electrolysis: Main Differences to Consider

Tweezing. Waxing. Shaving. You’ve grown weary of this seemingly losing battle against unwanted hair. Just when you thought…

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How Not to Stress About Unwanted Facial Hair During Menopause

Menopause refers to the stage that marks the end of a woman’s menstrual cycles. It is a natural…

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Hair Removal Myths That Hinder You From Achieving Flawless, Furless Skin

We’ve all had our fair share of troubles in the quest for permanent hair removal. This seemingly unending battle…

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